My Tribute To Amy


My dear friend, Amy Jensen, has been battling brain cancer for quite some time.  She was first diagnosed 7 years ago and is now in a stage of cancer where she is uncertain if any treatment is stopping her growth.  She’s had experiences of not being able to walk, memory loss, and movement challenges. You can read more about her journey at her caringbridge site,

In light of the unknown of what lies ahead, I wrote the poem for her and had the opportunity to read it at a mock graduation for all our children because no one knows what the future lies and all of us present wanted to acknowledge the goodness of our children together.

Because of You

A Tribute to Amy Jensen

Because of you…

                I make time for teas.

                I want fresh herbs in my cooking.

                I know two truth tellers can be friends.

                                Good friends.

                                Close friends.

                                Friends that go to battle for one another.

Because of you…

                I love Creative Cakery poppy seed cakes.

                I use Barefoot Contessa Cookbooks.

                I look good when I cook, in my Anthropologie apron.

                I have a writing prompt book.

                I know the fierceness of loyalty.


                I feel sadness even when I’m happy because I know you’re suffering.

Because of you…

                I appreciate a good looking head scarf.

                I value crafting and creating with my kids.

                I appreciate gift wrapping and handmade gift tags.

                I have one of a kind wine charms because I made them with you.

                I know what it means to be there for a friend,

                                as you were for me making Baby Long Beach Programs

Because of you…

                I read David Sedaris.  (Mandy’s influence, too)

                I have very cool window shades.

                I took classes at UCLA extension.

                I know what it means to be loyal.

                I know ‘misty’ in a context other than rain.

                I know what the inside of Cedars Sinai looks like.

                I know what it means to be angry with God and plead for interventions.

Because of you…

                Oscar night takes me back to Santa Monica airplane hangars and goodie bags.

                Ceramic owls remind me of you.

                I want to visit Paris again.

                I want to watch old movies.

                I want to drink diet coke, well maybe not really, but I think of you when I see one.

Because of you…

                I love better.

                                More real.

                                More honest.

                                With less judgment.

                                With more space for others to be who they are.

I hope…

                For more time, more words, more memories, a cure.

Because of who you are, I love you.

Kimber Court Del Valle, March 2014


February Reflections


It’s been a hectic March already and I cannot believe that we’re almost to double digit days.  I was out with a shoulder neck injury which took me down for the count so I’m a little late to getting my highlights from last month up.

Favorite quotes:

“A body can’t prosper if a person don’t know who they are.  that makes you poor as a pea, not knowing who you are inside.  That’s worse than being anything in the world on the outside.” p. 346 Good Lord Bird

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.  — Will Durant

The truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering the more you suffer because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion to your fear of being hurt.  – – Thomas Merton

On writing, Discipline is the servant of inspiration — Bebe Moore Campbell

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.  — Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Events:

Hosting a Dinner party with a good friend


Civil War Enactment at Riley Farms IMG_0876
Whale Watching with Gertrude, the heron, Dolphins, Pelicans, and a Pacific Whale! Gertrude IMG_0935 IMG_0942 IMG_0977 IMG_1013 Whale! IMG_1031 IMG_1078