March Reflections

March has been overall, a month with some challenges.  It began, quite literally on March 1st, with a neck and shoulder injury that resulted in wearing a neck brace and living with a tremendous amount of pain for about two weeks.  I went to my kinesiologist three days in a row, which for any of you who have gone to one know, these are painful, deep tissue visits but it resulted in some much needed relief.  I’m happy to say that now at the end of the month, the pain is down to a ‘2’ and I’m hoping April brings full recovery.  There have also been some circumstances in some friends’ lives that aren’t mine to tell but have been painful and burdensome as I sit with them during these tough times.  Through it all though, there have been many times of goodness and beauty.

Here are some of my favorite from March.

I found these amazing lamps on Craig’s list.  This is my favorite color in the whole world!

IMG_0977 IMG_0930

Then my balcony succulents came to life when we got some much needed rain.

IMG_0967 IMG_0968

Eden, who is such a sweet spirit, entertains our friend’s daughters who love dress up.


I got a much needed pedicure with a color that turned out to be a prayer warrior’s color image for me.  In a “larger than material world way,” I had gotten my pedicure two weeks before she told me she had a vision of me with our friends and each of us had on a different color sari, signifying something about us.  Brilliant blue was mine, same color as my nails.


Favorite Quote from a Psychology Today article, “When Virtue Becomes Vice” by Mary Loftus


From 72 Hour Hold by Bebe Moore Campbell,

“Maybe, after the devastation, what you’re supposed to do is rebuild the space in your mind that’s been blown away, but never fool yourself into thinking that it’s stronger, that you’ve erected some impenetrable fortress that won’t be hit again and again and again.  Things fall down, people too.  Crazy men wander the land, crashing and crumbling, and nobody gets a warning.  There is always another swamp to cross.  Passengers are both lost and found.  Ol’ Harriet [Beecher Stowe] learned that the hard way, the first time she retraced her path, erased her scent, outwitted the dogs, and followed the only star that lit the way, only to discover that when she got where she was going, new hounds were waiting.  But there was that cool space on the bank of the murky water where she lay on fragrant moss, undisturbed for hours and there was no barking, no sound of twigs snapping.  A breather.” p. 318-319

May April bring with it a breather should you find you need one.