14 Years Together

dsc_1053It’s hard to believe 14 years ago today this “little one” came out, greeted me and her dad with huge observant blue eyes as she struggled to hold her head up while examining us.  Since her appearance, we’ve had the privilege to come alongside and watch her observations and astuteness grow into some beautiful character traits.

This is a girl who stops to digest the sunset, noticing the different nuances of color that never repeat themselves.

img_5079-001She notices when the perfect “handstand” log makes itself available.  In the Redwoods.  Ten feet up.img_5192She takes in how her decisions impact others — even those across the ocean.  Since 9 years old, she stopped eating chocolate that isn’t fair trade — even if she has to go without, which is a huge sacrifice to this chocolate lover.

She’s developed a gentle spirit, compassion for others, empathy, where she allows herself to imagine being in someone else’s shoes — even if they are the shoes of an overseas child laborer toiling in unbearable conditions. (In 2015 she bought only clothing from consignment stores or Patagonia — a socially and environmentally responsible company as a protest to the human trafficking that permeates our clothing industry.  I’m not sure I could have made the same choice as a then 13 year old.)  She isn’t shy to speak out about human trafficking, telling peers about her choices and why.

I love her enjoyment for all things fun — roller coasters, being scared…

img_6426 img_6428img_6949And of course there are her quirks that make her…her.


Ballet Performance

img_2663I can’t wait to see what this year holds for her, and us.  Whatever it is, I can guarantee it will have a twist of her precociousness.


Happy Birthday, Eden!  I love you.