Community Camping – Big Sur

40 of us banned together to once again make our community camping trip happen.  I believe we’ve been camping together (a combination of us, at least) since 2004.  This year did not disappoint.  We booked a year ago for Big Sur and as fate (or God) would have it, three mudslides later we pretty much had the highway to ourselves.  There’s only one way in and out so cars are sparse.  A few of us took advantage – napped on the road (maybe an exaggeration though we did lie down), walked six miles, biked (7 miles until the first car was passed), and enjoyed the sound of the waves during the night rather than car and motorcycle motors.

Yes – that is the world famous highway 1 we are walking by…

We saw sea otters wrap themselves in kelp.

Otters in Kelp

Played Games.



Saw whales from the road. In many ways magical.

And yet, we surround a family fighting for health as their Mama has stage 4 breast cancer.  The unspoken was, maybe is, will Danielle be able to join us next year?  I continue to hold hope with her without ignorance to the ongoing battle.  Her latest markers are down.  We pray specifically to buy time until we can find a treatment that works because thus far, her aggressive cancer marches on.

(A picture from last year because somehow adults just aren’t as cute as the kids according to my picture selection…)

In her honor, as well as in memory of my dear friend and mentor, Beth Brokaw, who I swear showed up in the form of a heron that landed about 5 yards away from me on my morning walk (it held specific meaning to the longevity in which she lived with her stage 4 cancer), I’m doing the Avon 39 walk in 17 days.  This is a 39 mile walk in 2 days.

I still need to raise about $750.  Please consider donating today.  This organization gives millions of dollars for cancer research.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Here’s my link:

Thank you for sharing with me in both the adventures and the pains life brings.